1197CI – Installing and Configuring Global-Active Device (GAD)

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Days: 1

Price: 1 TU

Place: MHM computer a.s., Prague

Availability: All

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Course Information

This course provides information on implementing global-active device (GAD) using the Hitachi Ops Center graphical user interface (GUI) and command control interface (CCI). It will familiarize you with GAD architecture, features, and concepts.
This course includes hands-on lab activities to give you practice on how to configure GAD using Hitachi Ops Center Administrator and Protector, create virtual storage machines, set up GAD using CCI, and manage GAD pairs.


When you complete this course, you should be able to:
▪ Describe global-active device (GAD), its features, architecture, and concepts
▪ Configure GAD with Ops Center Administrator, Ops Center Protector, and command control interface (CCI)
▪ Demonstrate the ability to perform simple provisioning of GAD volumes
▪ Monitor and perform debugging maintenance tasks for GAD

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