In today’s dynamic world, IT analysis is a demanding task which affects the direction of a company, therefore influencing its success.

Our analysis of digital transformation includes registering and evaluating the current situation of the company’s technology by determining the key processes, including their availability requirements such as a maximum permissible period of outage and data loss prevention. The ability to identify risks and analyze resource gaps is the foundation for creating an IT solution which will assist you with the selection of new and updating current information systems.

Infrastructure design

In order to ensure a smooth and reliable operation of the key information systems, we build highly stable, accessible and secure IT infrastructures. We put emphasis on creating a simultaneously transparent, stable and flexible infrastructure with a high level of scalability. We combine all elements of traditional data centers into a single unified platform, providing an architecture which increases effectivity, decreases risks and enhances the availability of your IT services. Guaranteed quality for a reasonable price, satisfying the service requirements in both virtual machines and containers. In addition to on-premise solutions, we build both hybrid and private clouds.


The foundations for each IT structure are servers, data storages and networks. Our practical experience in this area allows us to design the optimal solution based on each customer’s needs with an emphasis on minimizing the costs while simultaneously offering sufficient security, availability and performance. We implement server, storage and network solutions for all companies of all sizes. Whether the customer is one with a few users or one with many users and a large volume of data where you must spread the load among many servers, we are always able to propose, deliver and implement a solution for which we offer additional support, management and service.

IaaS, PaaS

Infrastructure and platform as a service is a current IT trend as it minimizes the investment and lowers the ongoing expenses. We offer financial infrastructure in the form of a service where the provided source, their performance and data capacity can be adjusted based on the developing needs of the customer. We use proven virtualization technologies and containerization tools. Also, we include the services of our monitoring center with continuous operation, certified technicians and strictly defined escalation procedures.


While creating an automated infrastructure, there are several decisions to be made. Most importantly, we must take into consideration the number of processes a machine replaces and their logical sequence. Our aim is to create an infrastructure which eliminates errors in documentation and planning and mistakes made by administrators, testers and developers. This in turn minimizes the implementation time of key functionalities.


The basis of a successful management of technologies is a detailed overview of all critical parameters of servers, storages, network components, IoT sensors, the performances of applications and the behavior of individual users. Businesses constantly face challenges which require them to constantly upgrade their infrastructure. Thus, we offer sophisticated and financially modest open source solutions which are critical for our business partners success. The expected output are detailed metric collections, detection of incidents and visualization, all provided with an emphasis on high security.

Data backup and recovery

Most companies understand that data plays a key role in their function. Our experience has shown us that most projects focus merely on backing data up and overlook the data recovery process. At MHM, we understand that data recovery is important, but the process of backing data up is a prerequisite, not merely a goal. The speed and success rate of recovering data in case its lost or changed, regardless whether intentional or not, can affect the future of any company. Accordingly, the ability to successfully recover data, which gained in importance recently due to the rise in cyber-attacks, is an integral part of every DR plan.

Disaster recovery

There does not exist such a thing as an immunity against all IT problems, regardless whether intentional or not. The reason behind that is the rise in attacks from malwares, meaning that the implementation of antivirus software, firewalls, SIEM, et cetera, cannot stop every possible cause of an “IT catastrophe”. Additionally, with the recent growth in data volume and rising dependence on data, IT processes became a key part of every company. Returning to a normal state is the main task of the Data Recovery process.

Restoring the IT infrastructure after a fatal incident is a necessary part of every strategy and realization processes. Unfortunately, most companies underestimate its importance. Based on our experience, we implement much stronger and deeper security measures in order to minimize or even completely prevent the damage.