About us

We have been a part of the IT world for over 30 years.

We are among the most influential companies in the sector of data storage, complex ICT solutions and services. We take care of the most valuable item you own – your data. We ensure you with working IT systems, can train you and offer the services of our monitoring center.

The company MHM was founded halfway through the year 1990, meaning that it is one of the oldest private ICT companies in Czech Republic. During the last thirty years, everyone experienced the dynamic development of computational and ICT technology. MHM has always accepted these changes with flexibility and continuously responded to the dynamic requests of our customers.

Along with the ability to react to the market’s demands, we have held many constant values during our existence. Those are expertise, professionality and reliability. While we are certified for our professionality and reliability, the true certification of those is the flawless realization of all supplies, services and our satisfied customers.

Our expertise is supported with professional procedures and measures, all of which are implemented at MHM. Our main customers are organizations in the public sector, big and medium-sized companies in the banking, telecommunication, insurance and other sectors.