THI3408 – Hitachi VSP F and G Series Differences: Models 350, 370, 700, 900

Jazyk: angl.

Počet dní: 2

Cena: 2 TU

Místo: MHM computer a.s., Prague

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Course information

This course provides an introduction to the new Hitachi VSP F and G series models 350, 370, 700, and 900. It focuses on the overall hardware and software architecture as well as highlights the differences with the previous VSP storage systems. In addition, this course walks through how to configure the storage system and how to launch and use Hitachi Storage Advisor (HSA) Embedded. This course is designed for those with prerequisite knowledge of legacy Hitachi VSP storage systems.


● Describe the hardware and software architecture
● Compare and contrast the differences with previous storage systems
● Describe and demonstrate the program products
● Identify and install the hardware components
● Initiallize and configure the storage system
● Service and support the hardware components
● Launch and use Hitachi Storage Advisor (HSA) Embedded

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