TXI6752 – Managing In-System Replications

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Days: 2

Price: 2 TU

Place: MHM computer a.s., Prague

Availability: All

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Course Information

This course provides an in-depth knowledge on specifications, operations, and troubleshooting of the Hitachi In-System replication software bundle. The course also covers how to manage replication with Command Control Interface (CCI) software.

Comprehensive hands-on practice is included to build necessary skills to configure several in-system replication scenarios using Hitachi Device Manager Storage Navigator (HDVM-SN), RAID Manager CCI, and RAIDCOM commands.


Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe key features and internal operations of Hitachi ShadowImage heterogeneous replication
  • Use Hitachi Storage Navigator and Command Control Interface (CCI) for ShadowImage pair operations
  • Describe the key features and internal operations of Hitachi Thin Image
  • Configure Thin Image pools and virtual volumes
  • Use CCI for Thin Image snapshot pair operations

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