TSI2929 – Managing Hitachi Ops Center Administrator

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Days: 5

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Place: MHM computer a.s., Prague

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Course Information

This course provides information about basic administration and provisioning tasks using Hitachi Ops Center Administrator. These tasks include storage setup and configuration (onboarding and discovering storage), creating parity groups, pools, volumes, LUNs, and managing and creating Volume Migration and Protection. Learning several Ops Center Administrator features to enhance the work of storage administrator, like Scan Host Group and Virtual Storage Machine (VSM). The course also explains how to manage and monitor storage from the Hitachi Ops Center Administrator Dashboard.
Additionally, hands-on lab activities enable you to gain practical experience and knowledge about administering and provisioning using Hitachi Ops Center Administrator.
This course prepares you for the following Hitachi Vantara Qualified Professional qualification test:
• Hitachi Vantara Qualified Professional – Ops Center administration (HQT-6741) exam


Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Give a brief overview of the Hitachi storage systems
  • Describe a Hitachi Ops Center Administrator installation and upgrades
  • Use the Hitachi Ops Center Administrator Dashboard to add storage systems
  • Explain how to create parity groups, pools, and volumes
  • Describe the host operations by attaching volumes, running workflow and settings storage system ports attributes
  • Use Hitachi Ops Center Administrator Dashboard for cloning and snapshot to protect a volume. And describe High Availability feature
  • Explain how to discover storage systems, servers, and fabric switches
  • Describe the concepts of migration and the use of command line interface (CLI) methods, both CCI and REST API
  • Describe multipathing concepts including the Asymmetric Logical Unit Access (ALUA) feature and Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) and Hitachi Global Link Manager (HGLM) software
  • Explain the Virtual Storage Machine (VSM) concept and its applications
  • Describe what is Adaptive Data Reduction (ADR) and list its benefits
  • Monitor capacity utilization and hardware resources
  • Perform backup, restore, and upgrade procedures

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