TSI2598 – Performing Advanced Operations with Hitachi Tuning Manager v8.x

Jazyk: angl.

Počet dní: 3

Cena: 3 TU

Místo: MHM computer a.s., Prague

Určeno pro: všechny

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Course Information

This course provides instruction on how to perform advanced operations of Hitachi Tuning Manager using the main console and Performance Reporter command line interface (CLI). It familiarizes you with analysis methodology to create customized report and implement alarms. The course also covers detailed steps to use Tuning Manager features, such as IPP Wizard, Analyze MP Blade, Analysis per Host screen, REST API, and Agent Hybrid Store management, to expound the performance problem troubleshooting methodology. Hands-on lab activities are designed to build the skills necessary to carry out Agent Store management, report creation and alarms setting to proactively manage storage systems. Lab activities include exercises that use specific features of the Analytics tab to practice performance problem troubleshooting.


Course Highlights
* Learn and leverage the Hitachi Tuning Manager Main Console command line interface (CLI) feature
* Identify the steps to use Hitachi Tuning Manager Performance Reporter CLI
* Review the Hitachi Data Systems performance management methodology
* Explore the existing features to effectively troubleshoot performance issues

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